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Purple Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

Lovely pair of crystal Cufflinks

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Cufflinks are piece of jewellery accessory which typically come in pair and they are used to hold together shirt cuffs which have button holes on both sides but no buttons. Legend holds that cufflinks were made popular in the 19th century by one of the most famous novelist, Alexandre Dumas. The author of The Count Of Monte Cristo influenced Paris tailors and jewellers by making them recognise the power that such small accessories were a simple way to add a hint of personality to people’s presentation.  Nobody remembers the boring guy. Show off your unique, creative personality through the little details of your outfit.   Be sure to put your creative side on display and wear some cufflinks with personality.  Style and personality–that right there is the whole package. Cufflinks can be worn with either single cuffs, which look just like a regular buttoning dress shirt’s cuffs but with holes on both sides of the opening, or with doubled-back “French” cuffs. To fasten the cuff, the holes on both side of the cuff opening are lined up, the cufflink is inserted through so that the post runs all the way through all the holes, and the link is then set into its closed position. The sides of the cuff are most commonly matched up “kissing,” with the interior faces touching one another. This turns the hemmed edges of the cuff opening outward from the wrist, one atop the other. It is not “wrong,” however, to fasten the cuff sides overlapping rather than kissing. In that arrangement, the underside of one edge of the cuff lays atop the outer face of the other edge, so that only one hemmed edge points outward. The overlapping or “barrel” style looks more slim and business-like than the more ornamental “kissing” look. Neither are wrong, but the kissing approach has traditionally been considered better suited to the ornamental nature of cufflinks.


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